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Our Mission

The Choo San Goh & H. Robert Magee Foundation was established in the early 1990's. The mission of the Foundation is to oversee the licensing and production of Choo San Goh's ballets and the annual Choo San Goh Awards for Choreography.

More than 120 new licenses for performances of Choo San Goh's ballet have been granted in the past 21 years. In 1997 a book on Choo San Goh's life and career was published entitled Choo San Goh, Master Craftsman in Dance. In September '2007 Singapore Dance Theatre presented a retrospective of his ballets in Singapore, featuring eight of his most well known works.

The Awards are intended to encourage presentation of worthy new choreographic works and have been granted annually since 1993. We are now entering the 16th year of the Awards and in that time 90 works have received support for an overall total of more than $800,000. The awards are made for new works of choreography created for professional dance organizations. 

The initial source of funds to begin the Foundation was the combined estates of Choo San Goh and his business manager, H. Robert Magee. Presently the funds for the work the Foundation pursues with its annual Awards is derived from the license fees related to the performances of Choo San Goh's works of choreography in addition to the original endowment of the Foundation and other personal contributions.

The present Board of Directors is comprised of five members with Wilbur Young serving as President, Janek Schergen as the Artistic Director and members Soonee Lee, Graham Lustig and Patricia Wilde.

To obtain information on the ballets of Choo San Goh or the Annual Awards for Choreography please contact Janek Schergen either by telephone at (562) 621-1757 or by


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