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2008 Award Announcement

December 30, 2008 The Board of Directors of the Choo-San Goh & H. Robert Magee Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2008 Choo-San Goh Awards for Choreography. The recommendation committee included Soonee Lee, Mohamed Noor Sarman and Janek Schergen, acting as Chairman of the group. There was a large response of applications from a wide spectrum of national and international dance companies.†

The Awards began in 1993 in memory of Choo San Goh and have been awarded each year since then. This year will mark the Foundationís concluding Awards of the present series. Funds from the licence and performance of Choo-San Gohís choreographic works have been the basis of support for the Awards. Over the past sixteen years 90 new works have received sponsorship with a cumulative Awards total of more than $800,000.00. This year we have chosen three companies with choreographers that have never received Awards from us in past.

For questions and information regarding the Awards for Choreography, please contact Janek Schergen at
(562) 621-1757 or via


Award year 2008 recipients

River North Chicago Dance Company
Choreographer: Frank Chaves ($8,000.00)

Louisville Ballet
Choreographer: Mikelle Bruzina ($4,500.00)

The Washington Ballet
Choreographer: Edwaard Liang ($10,000.00)

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