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Choo-San Goh Awards for Choreography 1993-2008

Dance Kaleidoscope
Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company
Dutch National Ballet
Richmond Ballet
New York City Ballet
Limon Dance Company
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Rambert Dance Company
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
Fugate/Bahiri Ballet NY
James Sewell Ballet
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company
Ballet Austin
Dayton Ballet
Carolina Ballet
Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre
Richmond Ballet
American Ballet Theatre/Studio Company
Buglisi/Foreman Dance
Ballet Pacifica
Doug Elkins Dance Company
Ballet Hispanico
Houston Ballet
Kansas City Ballet
Limon Dance Company
New York City Ballet
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Ririe Woodbury Dance Company
Winnipeg Contemporary Dance Company
Diablo Ballet
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Toronto Dance Theatre
Carolina Ballet
Rambert Dance Company
State Theatre Ballet, S.A.
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet
San Francisco Ballet
Ballet Jorgen
Ballet Met Columbus
Dance As Ever
Houston Ballet
Limon Dance Company
Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre
Pennsylvania Ballet
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Atlanta Ballet
Ballet Pacifica
North Carolina Dance Theatre
Richmond Ballet
Susan Marshall & Dancers
Ballet Florida
Colorado Ballet
Dance Theatre of Harlem
Lines Contemporary Ballet
Merce Cunningham Dance Company
New York City Ballet
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Pilobolus Dance Theatre
Houston Ballet
Feld Ballets/NY
Hartford Ballet
Rambert Dance Company
Singapore Dance Theatre
Oregon Ballet Theatre
Paul Taylor Dance Company
San Francisco Ballet
Hubbard Street Dance Company
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Sacramento Ballet
Lar Lubovitch Dance Company
David Parsons Dance Company
Ballet Met
Eugene Ballet
Ballet NY
Cincinnati Ballet
Boston Ballet
James Sewell Ballet
Oregon Ballet Theatre
Dances Patrelle
Tulsa Ballet Theatre
Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre
River North Chicago Dance Company
Louisville Ballet
The Washington Ballet

Choreographer: David Hochoy
Choreographer: Charlotte Boye-Christensen
Choreographer: David Dawson
Choreographer: Susan Shields
Choreographer Albert Evans
Choreographer: Jonathan Riedel
Choreographer: Paul Gibson
Choreographer: Rafael Bonachela
Choreographer: Alex Ketley
Choreographer Thaddeus Davis
Choreographer: Johannes Wieland
Choreographer: Christian Burns
Choreographer: Matjash Mrozewski
Choreographer: Jelon Vieira
Choreographer: Gina Patterson
Choreographer: Gregory Robinson
Choreographer: Damien Woetzel
Choreographer: Pascal Rioult
Choreographer: Jessica Lang
Choreographer: Robert Hill 
Choreographer Donlin Foreman
Choreographer Molly Lynch
Choreographer: Doug Elkins
Choreographer: Pedro Ruiz 
Choreographer: Natalie Weir
Choreographer: Marjorie Mussman
Choreographer: Adam Hoagland
Choreographer: Melissa Barak
Choreographer: Nicolo Fonte
Choreographer: Keith Johnson
Choreographer: Tom Stroud
Choreographer: Kelly Teo 
Choreographer: Dwight Rhoden
Choreographer: Christopher House
Choreographer: Tyler Walters
Choreographer: Didy Veldman
Choreographer: Sue Kirkland 
Choreographer: Alan Hineline
Choreographer: David Palmer 
Choreographer: Kathleen Rea 
Choreographer: Susan Hadley 
Choreographer: Leigh Witchel
Choreographer: Dominic Walsh
Choreographer: Doug Varone 
Choreographer: Pascal Rioult 
Choreographer: Matthew Neenen
Choreographer: Judith Jamison
Choreographer: Val Caniparoli
Choreographer: David Allan 
Choreographer: Peter Pucci 
Choreographer: Maurico Wainrot
Choreographer: Susan Marshall
Choreographer: Mark Godden 
Choreographer: Christopher Wheeldon
Choreographer: John Alleyne 
Choreographer: Alonso King 
Choreographer: Merce Cunningham
Choreographer: Miriam Mahdaviani
Choreographer Mark Dendy 
Choreographer: Wolken/ Chase/ Barnett/ Tracy
Choreographer: Trey Mclntyre
Choreographer: Eliot Feld 
Choreographer Monica Levy 
Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Choreographer: Timothy Gordon
Choreographer: Lynn Cote 
Choreographer: Paul Taylor 
Choreographer: Val Caniparoli
Choreographer: Mauricio Wainrot
Choreographer: Ib Andersen 
Choreographer: Graham Lustig
Choreographer: Lar Lubovitch
Choreographer: David Parsons
Choreographer: Peter Pucci 
Choreographer: Lynne Taylor-Corbet
Choreographer: William Soleau
Choreographer: Kirk Peterson
Choreographer: Jorma Elo
Choreographer: James Sewell
Choreographer: James Hampton
Choreographer: Christopher Stowell
Choreographer: Francis Patrrelle
Choreographer: Ma Cong
Choreographer: Dominic Walsh
Choreographer: Frank Chaves
Choreographer: Mikelle Bruzina
Choreographer: Edwaard Liang


Logo photo : David Andrews

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